Iron beds made in USA from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

We all know that the bed is the main focal point of any bedroom. Also, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms of a house. This is the place where you spend around one-third of your life. It is the place where you rest after a hard day’s work and where you unwind, relax and make plans for the future. It might also be the place where you work at your office or watch movies sitting comfortably in your bed.

In order to fully enjoy your bedroom, it is imperative to pay attention at the focal point of this room- the bed. Buying a nice looking, high-quality bed is a sure way to make the most out of the time spent in your bedroom.

When looking to buy a new bed, you need to choose one of the wide variety of iron beds made in USA available now at Cathouse Antique Iron Beds. Thanks to the high-quality build and exquisite design, one of these beds with an iron bed frame can dramatically improve your mood and make you sleep better than ever before.

Iron beds made in USA are becoming increasingly famous on the market. Compared to their counterparts from China or other markets, the beds made in America are assembled using the highest quality standards and are made to last a lifetime. Moreover, you can order a bespoke iron bed to complement your bedroom design and take your interior design skills to the next level.

Iron beds made in USA from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Reasons to Choose Iron Beds Made in USA

There are many reason to get an iron bed made in USA from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds, a top iron beds company. Iron beds, just like most other metal furniture, have become quite an interesting topic in interior design & planning. If not many years ago iron beds made in USA were considered too utilitarian and were not a priority for most owners, the recent surge in metal furniture has come with an increase in popularity of iron beds.

While wood furniture will not lose its appeal too quickly, metal furniture is slowly taking over the market, becoming the favorite choice for homeowners, business owners, hospitals and even camps. This trend of iron bed frame designs is not going to stop anytime soon, so you should definitely think twice before choosing to buy a wood frame bed. An iron frame bed made in the US is definitely a much better choice.

Believe it or not, iron beds manufactured in the USA are extremely stylish. Iron beds manufacturers have gone to great lengths to design metal frame beds that combine both function and form. Each bed can be personalized according to the buyer tastes. You can choose your favorite bed out of thousands of unique designs and models.

Another reason to purchase iron beds made in the United States at Cathouse Antique Iron Beds is due to the ease of cleaning and pest management. There is evidence that furniture made out of metal is better at tolerating pest fighting chemicals. It is also easier to clean and dust proof. If you have a strong pest management plan, then one of these beds could prove essential for you.

Beds equipped with metal frames offer an extraordinary level of durability. Metal beds made in USA are built using advanced techniques, according to all ISO regulations. Thus, you can rest assured that your bed can tolerate extreme weight and strain. In a group living environment, a metal bed becomes a gold mine.

Lastly, you should purchase iron beds made in USA because of the reasonable price. Even though some metal pieces made by famous companies in the USA may have a higher price than their wood equivalents, it is important to note that metal beds last up to 15 years longer than wood beds. Most metal beds manufacturers in the US offer extended warranties, that would cover not just normal use, but also unexpected issues or faults.

Iron beds made in USA from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Iron Beds Made in USA Available at Cathouse Beds

Because of the rare replacement cycle, durability, multitude of styles and ease of maintenance, iron beds made in USA represent the ideal choice for homeowners who want to create a highly functional, durable living space, while at the same time enjoying the quality time spent in their bedrooms. These are readily available at Cathouse Antique Iron Beds.

If you want to purchase a bed that would last a lifetime, adds elegance to your space and enhances the beauty of your space, is very to clean and to maintain, and is sophisticated enough to complement any bedroom design, then iron beds made in USA should be your main pick.

Whether you want to create a rustic, shabby chic style or antiquated bedroom, do not hesitate to choose your favorite iron bed from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds.