The gauge of the tubing across the top of a bed frame will determine it’s ability to be converted from it’s original antique double size to today’s modern Queen and King size mattresses.

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Thin gauge, solid rod across top. Expect slight flex when leaning against pillows that are set up in front of head board. Beautiful light airy look. Not practical for King width conversions. Good for canopy and Queen size conversions. 3/8 Inch Tubing
3/8 inch tubing (14174 bytes)
Largest selection of bed frames fall within this diameter tubing across the top. Great for King, Queen and Canopy conversions. No flex when leaning pillows against head board. Good for reading in bed or watching T.V. Very stable. 1 Inch Tubing
1 inch tubing (13023 bytes)
Largest size of top and perimeter tubing. Has a very heavy and secure look. Excellent for all conversion sizes. Normally not as elaborate styling and design as other size tubing. 2 Inch Tubing
2 in tubing (13264 bytes)