A little know fact about antique “canopy “ beds from the 1800’s, is that we didn’t make any in this country during that period. The only canopy beds being made during the Victorian era were coming out of Europe.

So when we want to achieve that great impressive “canopy” look. It requires a conversion to an otherwise conventional  iron head and footboard.

With regard to Canopy Conversions….We do two basic conversions: Straight canopy with horizontal canopy poles connecting the four posts. This regular Straight Line is $195. We also do a “Crown Canopy conversion that incorporates the straight canopy and has curves poles that start at the four corners and curve up to a central hoop that is approximately 15” higher in the middle. The Crown Canopy is $295. On both canopy’s, we pour castings in our foundry so the existing side pole, coming from the ground, look like one long continuous pole.

It should be mentioned that all of our conversions are done in the same manner foundries constructed their beds back in the early 1800’s. For this reason, our conversions never look like conversions…..