Iron Beds Clearance from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Have you been looking to buy an iron bed? If yes, then you’re in luck. Thanks to our iron beds clearance sale, we are currently offering some of our items at even better prices than usual. This basically means that you can purchase a great product for less.

The upsides of iron beds are well known. These beds are typically strong, robust, resilient, and durable. They are also easy to repair and easy to clean. Above all, they come in a great variety of designs and iron bed frame styles. Therefore, anyone looking for a high-quality bed would be well served with an iron bed.

Courtesy of the iron beds on clearance, shoppers can enjoy great deals. This is because we are offering massive discounts on some of our top-selling products. These discounts are normally reserved for our most loyal customers. This time around even new customers can benefit from the discounts.

Therefore, if you’ve been looking for some great deals on iron beds, this is your chance. Get shopping as soon as possible from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds, your top iron bed store. Previous iron beds clearance sales have sold out pretty quickly. Basically, if you don’t place your order within the shortest time possible, you may miss out.

Iron Beds Clearance from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Iron Beds Clearance from Cathouse Beds

You may be asking yourself: what is the catch? Why are we offering our iron beds on the cheap? What is wrong with the beds? These are certainly legitimate questions. After all, in most cases, when businesses offer massive discounts, it is because they have something up their sleeves. Well, we have none. We simply need to clear existing stock in order to create space for new stock which is upcoming.

The idea of iron beds clearance is not new. This is something which we do from time-to-time to clear off old stock. For our customers, the clearance sale provides a unique opportunity to acquire high-quality beds with amazing iron bed frame designs at a bargain. Anyone who knows iron beds understands that they’re built to last for decades. This is exactly what the beds available on this sale are like.

There are two major types of iron which are used for making iron beds. These are cast iron and wrought iron. The difference between the two is at the material level. Cast iron contains around 3 to 4 percent carbon. Wrought iron contains less than one percent (usually around 0.8%) carbon. This makes it more malleable (flexible) than cast iron.

Nowadays, wrought iron is the one which is mostly used for making beds. This is because of its flexibility. You can bend wrought iron into numerous shapes to create whatever design you want. There are cast iron beds still on the market. However, most are antique collections which are over 100 years old. There are also some new iron bed conversions which are cast iron-esque i.e. built to mimic the look of cast iron beds without being 100% made of cast iron.

The iron beds in our clearance sale are all made of wrought iron. This makes the beds strong, durable, and easy to repair. Unlike cast iron, wrought iron doesn’t break easily. And in cases where it does, repairing it is simply a matter of welding it.

Iron Beds Clearance from Cathouse Antique Iron Beds

Shop Now for Incredible Iron Beds on Clearance

Our sale has scores of great products up for grabs. We cannot list every single product. You need to browse through our product list to see for yourself. However, here are some features you can expect from those products.

The look of an iron bed is partly determined by the finish. The process of finishing typically involves sprinkling the surface with a powder coating and baking it at a high temperature. This creates a beautiful, durable and anti-corrosive surface. There are various types of finishes. With our iron beds clearance, you will find beds with antique, matte, glossy and textured finishes.

You can find beds of all most all sizes in our clearance sale. Among the sizes you will find are full-size, twin-size, queen-size, king-size and even toddler-size and bunk beds. Basically, whatever size of bed you’re looking for, you will almost certainly find it.

Our sale has different styles of iron beds. These include Victorian, Classical, Austere and Post-modern. We also have many more styles which do not fit into any category. The various styles are intended to suit the different artistic and aesthetic needs of our clients. Basically, if you want to decorate your bedroom in a particular style, you can almost certainly find the perfect bed to suit you.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire good beds on the cheap. However, there is no telling how long it will last. This is because the sale will last as long as the beds are not yet bought. And previous offers have sold out fast. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you need to place your iron beds clearance orders ASAP. Browse through our product list and place your order immediately. Happy shopping!