Iron Bed Frame from Cathouse Beds.

With the average human being spending around a third of their lifetime asleep, it is no wonder why a bed is often the first piece of furniture we buy and without a doubt one of the most important. Sleep is an essential part of every person’s life as it directly affects their health and overall performance. This is why you should always invest in the right iron bed frame for you that is as comfortable as possible to ensure you catch up on your beauty sleep and get all the benefits of sleep.

Iron framed beds have increasingly seen a steady rise in popularity over the last few years as they offer a great alternative to wooden framed beds. Frames constructed from iron are considerably stronger than wood, and coupled with a good mattress can ensure you have a good night’s sleep. Beds with an iron bed frame are not only great for sleep, but they can also improve the overall aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.

Iron Bed Frame from Cathouse Beds.

Get a Quality Iron Bed Frame from Cathouse Beds

What most people fail to realize is that their bed frame is just as important as their mattress for the quality of their sleep. Usually, bed frames are mostly constructed out of either wood and to a less amount iron. Iron bed frames are great for people on a budget as they are often considerably cheaper than wooden frames especially those made from hardwood.

Buying a cheap frame will not only save you a few bucks but also allow you to spend more on a great mattress. An iron bed frame is available in a wide range of designs that can easily suit any taste and can also include beautifully crafted headboards and footboards to make the frame look more stylish.

Iron Bed Frame from Cathouse Beds.

Iron Bed Frame Benefits

Iron bed frames can withstand the test of time a lot better than wood. They are a lot less likely to break or even creek. Iron frames are only vulnerable to rust which can be easily prevented by adding a layer of anti-corrosive paint. Once the paint starts to wear down and fade after many years, perhaps even decades it can be easily repainted making the bed as good as new.

These frames are a lot simpler to assemble and disassemble than ordinary bed frames. This can be especially important to a person who moves around often. These type of beds are also easier to repair once they break, unlike wooden beds where you would need to totally replace the broken part.

Iron is a lot more malleable than wood meaning it can be molded in a lot of shapes and designs. In the past, you could only find an iron bed frame that was molded in a simple design but with the advancement of metalwork technology, iron beds can now have complex and attractive designs. They can also come in different colors and finishes allowing you to match the overall decor of your bedroom. Iron bed frames are also great for children as you don’t have to worry about them scratching their surface and damaging them. Lastly, kids love them since they can be painted in pink or blue which is one of their favorite colors.

Another great benefit of using an iron bed frame is that you do not have to worry about pests. Wooden bed frames have a lot of crevices where pests can easily hide while iron frames do not. One of the most dreaded pests found in wooden framed beds are bedbugs which are notoriously hard to get rid of and can result in you throwing away a perfectly good bed. Iron is also not conducive for the survival and breeding of the pest such as termites which means you do not have to worry about your bed getting infested and destroyed.