All of our finishes are done with water base paints and acrylics.  Old lead base paints are completely sandblasted off before any of our finishes are applied. Much care is taken to give you the beauty of an old iron bed frame yet with the benefit of today¹s modern advancements in paint and refinishing.

Please keep in mind any of the finishes pictured here can be modified to meet your personal taste. Whether darker, lighter more or less highlighting etc. Feel free to give us your feedback. We want you to be happy with the finished product.

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A popular finish with people having a more modern setting.  Silver paint with a black wash.  No distressing. Can be as dark or light as the customer wants. Many of our customers have opted for just a slight black wash; toning down the bright silver look.

Antique Bed Black Silver Wash Antique Finish (31199 bytes)

Old Iron Bed Black Smythe Antique Finish (23919 bytes)

By far our most popular finish. Multiple layers of black, highlighting castings and three “secret” brown tones go into giving this finish a true old antique iron look. Works beautifully in any setting or décor.  No fear of clashing colors already in the bedroom.
Southwest Santa Fe look.  The look of adobe sand with multiple layers of beige paint over black primer. “Chipping” through the many layers to the black primer gives a  smooth worn look.  Numerous pastels are used to give an authentic weathered paint effect

Antique Iron Bed Bono Sand Antique Finish (19284 bytes)

Old Iron Bed Coppertond Wash Antique Finish  (15656 bytes)

Black primer with a layer of Terra Cota  and a dark brown wash make this a popular selection with people wanting to blend wooden bedroom pieces.  Also very popular with people with Craftsman Style homes.
Beautiful Forest green with a darker green wash over the top coat give this a very organic look.  Subtle gold on the casting, at the customer’s request, adds a tasteful  highlight.

Antique Bed Dark Verde Gris Antique Finish (13292 bytes)

Old Iron Bed Distressed Crackle Antique Finish(28044 bytes)

Multiple layers of paint over primer base and multiple layers of crackle to give an old distressed appearance. Like it’s been leaning up against the barn for the past 130 years. Casting can be any color you desire and any degree of ageing.
Many many layers of gold, browns and even some subtle greens to give this an old gold guilded look

Antique Bed Pia Gold Antique Finish (22178 bytes)

Having done many beds for the Ralph Lauren Corp. This was one that seemed to have a universal match to many of their beautiful floral fabrics. Two greens, soft pink on the castings and waxing make this a popular finish in any bright setting

Iron Bed Ralph Lauren Antique Finish (20056 bytes)

Old Iron Bed Rusty Iron Antique Finish (27087 bytes)

Many people love the old “rusted iron” look.  This finish gives you that “rusted” look without the eventual worry of rust coming off on your beautiful linens. Many layers of brown acrylics give this a rusty look most people can’t tell from the original.
This finish has actually no pigment or color in it. What you see is the actual iron after it has been sandblast.  Many people have the misconception that iron is black in color. In fact it is a “dove gray”. This finish shows the beauty and detailing of the casting because no paint fills in that detailing.  We spray three coats of a clear metal preservative to prevent any rusting.

Antique Iron Bed Sandblasted Pewter Antique Finish (20679 bytes)

Old Iron Bed Two Tone Crackle Antique Finish(26825 bytes)

Very popular with those people wanting to duplicate original finishes on iron beds in the 1800¹s.  Traditionally Off White interior tubing with the perimeter large tubing in the color of your choice. Both interior and perimeter tubing paint is crackled to give an aged effect. The castings are not only crackled but also rubbed with pastels to highlight their detailing. Beautiful finishes.
Martha’s Vineyard and Shabby Chic all rolled into one finish. Numerous coats of white paint over black primer. “Chipping” through layers of white to the black primer. The degree of chipping is up to you; extensive or minor.  Slight “gloving” of the white paint give that beautiful aged effect without looking “faux¹”.

Old Iron Bed White Chipped Antique Finish (17647 bytes)

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